The Friends

The Friends of the Biddenham Village Pond was established as the successor to the Biddenham Village Pond Restoration Project, the group of Biddenham residents which in 1986 started the project to restore the village pond and maintain and conserve it and the triangle of land between the pond and Gold Lane as a nature conservation area and village amenity.

It’s proudly once more today one of Bidenham’s cherished treasures.

The Friends is a charity with the objects of:

  • conserving the site as an attractive habitat for wildlife;
  • providing an area for quiet recreation for both Biddenham residents and visitors; and
  • providing an area available to educational and other organisations and to individuals for encouraging the study and preservation of the environment, particularly amongst the younger members of the community.

You can delve into our past through our annual reviews of activities.

A bit of belt and braces but you can look out too for our articles in The Loop and notices about forthcoming events on the village notice boards.

You can find here a membership application form to become a Friend. You’ll be very welcome.


The late Dorothy Richards who inspired the revival of the village pond in 1986
and led the Friends from its inception to 2006