Autumn clean part 2

After the Conservation Trust Volunteers’ second of their two days of removing unwanted vegetation from the pond – look, more clear blue water!

Still not very deep though, we need a wet winter to help us get through next summer. And we need to try and keep on top of the vegetation to avoid it encroaching too far over the pond again. Tough job with a limited time when we can venture into the pond to avoid interfering with the protected great crested newts, not to say the other little beasties that breed and live in the pond.

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Autumn clean

The Conservation Volunteers have completed the first of their two days of work clearing some of the extravagant growth of vegetation in the pond.

And you can view their work sitting on the benches which David has kindly done a grand job of refurbishing.

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New arrivals

When you next visit the pond you’ll find both the new gate in place as you approach from Gold Lane, and also then the new bench replacing the bench that was so badly damaged a few months ago.

The new bench has been kindly funded by the Parish Council and is given in memory of Alison Southern, the former Parish Clerk, who sadly died earlier this year.


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Mixed blessings

Down at the pond the moorhens have once again produced a family, though too shy as ever to pose for photographs.

Sheila Sherwood has kindly repainted the pond fish sign which is now proudly back in place. Her late husband Don was a great friend of the pond from the beginning of its restoration in 1986.

The high water level earlier in the year after much rain has now reduced and there is little water to be seen in the pond, although lots of unwelcome vegetation. This seems to be becoming a regular summer issue and one we need to try and deal with, in the first instance when Covid restrictions allow.

Unfortunately there has been a fire at the pond, attended by the Fire Brigade called by members of the public. It’s not clear if this was an accident, caused possibly by discarded cigarettes, or something more serious. Either way, this is another issue we must take on board to try and eliminate the possibility of it occurring again in the future.

Please still enjoy the pond. And take care and keep safe.



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Trim and tidy

The pond hedge is looking trimmer now, thank you very much to our volunteers.

Keep taking care and keeping safe, everyone.

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Events cancelled

You will not be surprised though it is with regret that the Frog Foray on Friday, 3 April and the work morning on Saturday, 4 April have now been cancelled.

But better we all do our very best for ourselves and everyone else to stay healthy.

We will publish again as and when it is possible to arrange a work morning.

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A big thank you …

… from Peter Applewhite

The rose bush in this photograph has braved storms, rain, hail, sleet, snow, all that the first weeks of a new decade could throw at it, to brighten our days now with some perfect Spring blooms. It was kindly presented to my wife at the Summer Event last year on behalf of the Friends of the Biddenham Village Pond following my retirement from the pond management committee after 16 years as a member, for 12 of which I had the privilege of being chairman.

As well as the regular maintenance, repair and conservation work, pond dipping, frog foraying, youth group visits and much more, much new was achieved during that time, including the introduction of Splash, the six monthly pond newsletter, the first and later the replacement information boards by the pond, this website and the Facebook page to keep the pond in the public eye, and the splendid 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversary celebrations.

None of that could have been achieved without the support, practical and financial, of the Friends, of other friends and villagers, of the Parish Council and our local borough councillors, of the Biddenham Show Committee, of the First Friday Lunch, of all our volunteers and grass mowers, and of other unsung heroes.

May I take this opportunity to record my heartfelt thanks to them all, you all, and to my colleagues on the committee, for all your help and encouragement during my time on the committee, and to record too my grateful thanks to my wife and family for their support.

It’s been really good to see now new younger members joining the committee which bodes very well for its future work and for the long term future of the village pond within an evolving village. The best of good fortune to them all.

I’m very happy still to be volunteering down at the pond, and am keeping an eye on this website for the time being until taken on by a team member.





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The generally now misnamed Frog Foray!

If you’re free on Friday, 3 April at 9.00 pm what better thing to do than popping down to the pond for the first great Frog Foray of the new decade, led by Chris Jones, our very own wildlife expert.

Please bring a torch, and wellies would be good too, but no dogs please. And children please bring a responsible adult.

We look forward to seeing you then and hopefully toads, newts and a range of other pond life and, who knows, maybe even some frogs attracted by the the welcome fullness of the pond at long last. Although don’t hold your breath waiting for the frogs!


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The day before Ciara

The violets have been making the most of this afternoon’s sunshine before tomorrow’s storm arrives.

One tree has decided not to wait for the winds and has already fallen down of its own accord.

The pond sits serene, feeling reasonably full of water considering.

Looking into the field beyond the pond it’s hard to visualise the dovecote that once stood there, not to say the Coffin Path that once was a real path.

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Spring work morning

There’s a chance for you to help, please, on Saturday, 4 April at our Spring work morning down at the pond from 10.00 am to lunchtime.

Any help you can give us would be very much appreciated. Please wear stout footwear, and bring your gardening gloves and any tools you think will be useful for trimming and tidying the pond site after the Winter, making it ready for the Spring and Summer.

And apart from healthy gentle exercise in the fresh air, the other good news is there will be hot drinks and biscuits!

We’ve entered this new decade with a healthier level of water in the pond than we’ve had in recent years, and our volunteers have been busy driving back the reeds that have been encroaching across the pond. With these benefits we hope the pond will continue to look like a pond for everyone to enjoy as Spring turns to Summer, and Summer to Autumn.

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