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Photos around the pond

Wind in the willows

The sky was tinted by Saharan dust and gusts of wind from the fringe of former Hurricane, now tropical storm, Ophelia whistled round us this afternoon as we pondered down at the pond on the requirements and materials for repairing … Continue reading

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Biddenham Show 2017

This American signal crayfish was the subject of much interest on our stall in the Village Hall at the Biddenham Show yesterday. Fear not! Chris didn’t encounter it in our village pond but brought it from Ickwell. As other species … Continue reading

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Pond life

There’s a new brood of five little moorhen chicks down at the pond. They scurry away quickly as soon as they spot you, as you can see in the photo of them hurrying to the safety of the reeds. We’re … Continue reading

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Spring work morning

What a difference a fine day makes. Mother Nature was kind to us for this year’s Spring work morning and it was a pleasure to work by the pond on such a nice morning. And to see the return at last … Continue reading

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Pond life

It was a lovely Spring evening tonight, Friday 31 March, perfect for Frog Foraying. Of course, the frogs didn’t appreciate that so didn’t turn up, and nor did the toads. But Chris and his three companions exploring the pond by … Continue reading

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The sun shines on the …

… reed removers! Our last session this morning till the Autumn of removing reeds to prevent encroachment across the pond. Now we steer clear to enable the protected great crested newts to do their stuff. Thank you, Will and David, … Continue reading

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Sunday meander

The violets are out today down by the pond, there’s a small patch of snowdrops just coming to an end, and the moles have been pretty busy. The recent rain has added some water to the pond, albeit it’s still … Continue reading

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A grand finale!

Our 30th anniversary celebrations concluded in memorable style on Saturday, 19 November in a joint concert with The Friends of St James, with ‘Heart and Music’ providing a joyous blend of songs, poetry and fun. It was not so much … Continue reading

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Heave ho!

Where there’s a Will (and a David) there’s a way. And away went our courageous twosome this morning, tirelessly and relentlessly digging and pulling those unwanted reeds and weeds from the pond. A splendid start to a big job. Thanks, … Continue reading

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Autumn work morning

The water level in the pond is lower than we would like at this time of year and more water would be welcome. It’s ironic therefore that, after some weeks without rain, the rain we need should choose to come … Continue reading

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