Autumn work morning

On a happily sunny morning after a wet night, nine merry volunteers, including some new faces, gathered at the pond on Saturday, 10 November for the Autumn work morning.

Some good work had already been done the day before. Chris and a friend had fired the bonfire and the pile of branches, etc, was gone by Saturday; and the farmer had kindly included the pond hedge amongst the hedges he was trimming, opening up views to the fields and church beyond.

The volunteers on Saturday improved that view further, cutting back branches in the triangle and brambles and branches overhanging the path from Gold Lane, thus giving a view of the pond and beyond much earlier than before as you walk down the path.

The reeds previously cut were removed from the pond, which has a little more water in it now, and other trimming and pruning was completed to leave the site looking much tidier as Winter approaches. Now we just need more water!

A big thank you to all the volunteers, to the kind lady who has brought cakes before for the excellent brownies, and to the Manor Hospital for the most welcome drinks and biscuits.

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