Planning update

Remember both the planning application to build houses on the land west of Gold Lane and also Policy 19 in the draft Local Plan 2035, both of which could adversely affect the village pond?

They haven’t gone away.

The planning application will be considered by the Borough’s Planning Committee on 29 October and the officers are recommending permission be refused. Even if that is agreed it may well though not be the last we see of Lioncourt and its proposal for housing development off Gold Lane.

And the Local Plan? Well that is back albeit five years shorter, as the Local Plan 2030, out for consultation and still including Policy 19 suggesting up to 160 houses could be built on the land off Gold Lane.

If you have already submitted objections to both the application and the Local Plan 2035 you do not need to object again. Your objections will still be taken into account.

But do keep a watchful eye on developments, a skirmish may be won but the battle continues.

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