Your village needs you!

Developers are planning a massive 300 house development on a large area of agricultural land off Gold Lane, completely surrounding Duck End Lane. What is more, they aim to push ahead for outline planning permission very soon and before approval of the Borough Council’s Local Plan to 2035.

With the active support of the Biddenham Society, the Parish Council is leading the opposition to this proposal, which will be the subject of an exhibition by the developers in the Church Barn on Tuesday, 21 November, next week, between 1.30 pm and 7.00 pm. The Parish Council and Biddenham Society hope as many villagers as possible will be able to visit the exhibition to express their concern directly to the developers at this attack on the village’s heritage and open green space with its rural views, acting as a buffer between Biddenham and Bromham.

During the Local Plan consultation process, the Friends of the Biddenham Village pond expressed its concern at any development of land off Gold Lane which would have a significant and substantial practical and aesthetic impact on our historic village pond.

It would threaten the pond’s survival and the survival of the wide range of wildlife it supports, including rare and protected species, by adversely impacting both run off water to the pond and also the attractive open and wildlife friendly landscape around it, thereby reducing the scope for and ability of wildlife to migrate to and from the pond and thus the opportunity for sustainable healthy breeding through genetic diversity with other populations.

Biddenham is a historic village distinct from the urban area of Bedford, even though the Borough Council now chooses to regard it as part of the urban area, and has striven to retain its rural character and environment. The current substantial development proposal threatens all that.

Following the Local Plan consultation process, the Borough Council rejected most of the sites in Biddenham put forward by developers for building on. The main exception was an area of land bounded by Gold Lane to the east, Bromham Road to the north, and Duck End Lane to the south on which it was suggested some 160 houses might be built.

The proposal now put forward by developers, in advance of approval of the Local Plan to 2035, is for many more houses – 300 – on a much more extensive area of land, which would see a natural open landscape disappear forever, transmogrified into a built landscape. Which is why your village needs you to help ensure that the village’s heritage, environment, rural character and green open spaces are preserved for future generations.

Please tell neighbours and friends who may not be aware of this threat to the village or of the exhibition on Tuesday, 21 November. Thank you.


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