Seeking a Secretary

The Biddenham village pond – a green oasis, a cherished village amenity and an educational resource for the last 30 years – needs a little bit of help from you, please.

Our Secretary will be retiring in June this year, and that presents a great opportunity for someone, it could be you, to be involved with our historic village pond as our new Secretary.

The Secretary is a member of our team of volunteers (currently 6 in number) managing and conserving the pond and nature conservation area, and in particular looks after our four meetings spread through the year, any correspondence that might be needed, and notices of pond events and activities: it’s varied, interesting and not too time consuming.

Interested? Jenny Kimber (tel: 266921), our current Secretary, will be happy to have a chat and to help with any more information you might like. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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