Five went pond dipping

We were five at the pond dipping on Saturday, 18 July, on a sunny and enjoyable afternoon at the pond.

The water level is reduced following the dry spell and weeds have proliferated so there is no real clear water at present for larger water skaters to skate and water boatmen to boat, though the moorhens and their brood still manage to paddle their way through the weed.

Nevertheless, Chris found for us a small skater and small boatmen, water bugs, damsel fly larvae, eventually a dragonfly larva, a tadpole (possibly of the midwife toad), large and small ramshorn snails, and happily a good number of newt larvae.

So there is a variety of life in the pond even in these present conditions. And a good range of flora around the pond identified by Val Fitzhugh as she continued her cataloging during the afternoon.



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