More sightings and upcoming events

There have been more sightings this week of the kingfisher down at the pond, which is exciting news. But we’ve still not seen it ourselves! Please let us know if you spot it when you’re visiting or passing by the pond.

If you’re free on Friday, 20 March at 9.00 pm why not pop down to the pond for the 2015 great Frog Foray, led by Chris Jones. Please bring a torch, and wellies would be good too. And children please bring a responsible adult, but no dogs please. We look forward to seeing you then, and who knows the frogs might even turn up this year with the toads and newts.

The week after – Saturday, 28 March – brings our Spring work morning down at the pond from 10.00 am to lunchtime. Come armed with stout shoes or boots and gardening gloves or gauntlets and enjoy some fresh air and gentle exercise doing your bit to help conserve and maintain this village treasure.


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