Can you wade in and help?

Our Autumn work morning is approaching fast and we hope to see you down at the pond on Saturday, 8 November from 10.00 am to lunchtime, armed with stout shoes/boots, gardening gloves/gauntlets, and useful tools, to help prepare the pond for the winter.

Could you also wade in and help? If you have waders and could spare the time then, we would be most grateful if you could please come down and help restrict the relentless spread of the reed bed by removing some of the recent unwanted growth from the pond.

Looking beyond the November work morning to 2015, here are some dates for your next year’s diary: Saturday, 28 March from 10.00 am to lunchtime will be our Spring work morning at the pond, and on Sunday, 7 June our Summer Splash Out event and AGM will take place in the Church Barn from 3.30 pm.

We’re also looking further ahead even than that, and thinking about 2016 which will mark the 30th anniversary of the pond restoration project. How time flies! Watch this space for more information.


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