Give us a sign …

… and we have! And not one but two.

It will be much easier now for new villagers and visitors to find the village pond and to find and follow the Coffin Path by which the pond lies. New direction signs to the pond were installed yesterday at both ends of the Coffin Path, in Gold Lane and behind the church.

Our grateful thanks to the team at the Borough Council who designed, produced and installed the new signs, and to our local councillors, Roger Rigby and Jon Gambold, who supported the project throughout and financed the work from their ward fund.

014   image


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2 Responses to Give us a sign …

  1. Love all the updates, fantastic effort the Pond team make and it is so much appreciated

    • peter says:

      Thank you, Christine. We’re glad you like what we’re doing and try to do to conserve the pond for wildlife and for the enjoyment of villagers and visitors. And thank you too for your help over the years with our work.

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