Why did the toad cross the road?

Hmmm, yes why?

You’ll find the answer in the April issue of the Biddenham Bulletin.

And if you’re not already a subscriber to the Bulletin, no problem – the April issue is being delivered to every home in the village. This involves a big distribution effort and the Friends of the Biddenham Village pond have been very pleased to help with that.

We’re grateful that the Bulletin team have included our membership form with the April issue, and we really hope many more villagers will seize the moment and join the Friends.

The Bulletin is a great way of keeping up to date with what’s happening in Biddenham, and in the April issue you’ll find details of the proposed Biddenham Heritage Trail, which would include our 300 year old village pond.

Biddenham is fortunate to have one of the few remaining village ponds in Bedfordshire, and long may that continue with the love and care of the Friends of the Pond. We can never have enough Friends so please do encourage your neighbours, family and friends to join us.

It costs just a modest £5 a year but each new subscription will make a vital contribution to the survival of the pond for at least another 300 years, as a flourishing nature conservation area and tranquil spot to relax and enjoy.

So why did the toad cross the road? To get to the village pond, of course, to welcome all its new Friends. Please help us put a smile on the toad’s face!

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