A message from the frogs

Festive focus: frogs firmly favour Facebook

We do enjoy hopping along to this website for our home – the village pond. We hope you do too. And we’re very grateful the Friends of the Biddenham Village Pond recently consulted us on ways of raising the pond’s profile. They do often have a chat with us you know, despite us not always cooperating with them when it comes to the frog forays – ribbit!

They suggested Facebook and/or Twitter, which could widen the audience for news, comment and dialogue about our pond home.

But, frogs, Twitter? It doesn’t work, does it. Croaker, maybe!

As frogs, we firmly favoured Facebook, which has the added advantage for us of offering much greater scope for alliteration. The Friends took on board our comments and we’re proud to announce that the Biddenham village pond now has its very own page on Facebook.

Please visit and ‘Like’ us – if you subscribe to Facebook or will be doing, you can click the ‘Like us on Facebook’ button at the bottom of this page. And you can find us at www. facebook.com/biddenhamvillagepond, and please encourage your chums to visit and ‘Like’ us too.

That’s all from your friendly festive frogs. See you again soon. Have a very happy Christmas.

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