More tidying – not much more water – but …..

…. what’s waiting in the wings?

We left the unwanted reeds removed from the pond at the Autumn work morning on the bank, so that any little living creatures remaining in the mud around the roots could creep back into the pond.

This morning we cleared a substantial amount off the bank, but there is still quite a lot left to clear another day to complete the tidying up.

The recent rainfall doesn’t seem to have had much impact on the water level, and even with a deluge in December it doesn’t look very likely that we will enter 2014 with anything like the record high water level at the start of this year. But then, Mother Nature doesn’t deal us the same hand every year as we know only too well.

And what’s waiting in the wings? … It looks like the pesky azolla is starting to show its head again. We’ll keep a close eye on it and see if we can nip it in the bud or, if not, if we can hinder its progress and stop it spreading too extensively.

The photos show the section of stone wall exposed at the work morning, and a nice view across the pond with the church in the distance and sheep grazing in the field where the dovecote once stood:

Pond Nov 13 004     Pond Nov 13 006

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