Is a picture better than a thousand words?

Quite often!

And we would love to have some more old photos of the village pond. If you have some in your family archive (or you know a man who does), please would you share them with us? We have some from 1986 onwards when the pond restoration project started (they are in our Silver Jubilee slideshow in the Gallery), and some from earlier than that associated with the former dovecote (which you can also find in the Gallery).

It would be great to see some though from the more distant past, just the pond or even better with people enjoying themselves by the pond, activities, events or whatever. We could display them at a future Summer Splash Out and maybe include them on this website, if you were happy with that. Hope you can help!

To whet your appetite, this isn’t a photo of the pond itself but of the cottage that stands at the entry to the footpath to the pond from Gold Lane, taken about 1900.

1 and 3 Gold Lane about 1900

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