Exciting new developments

In recent weeks we’ve started work on two new developments: preparing an updated information board for the pond and creating the pond’s own website.

The current information board was installed by the pond in 2003 – it really is hard to believe it’s been there for 10 years. But the time has come to update it to reflect changes since then and, inspired by the new book on the history of the village, we will be including too more about the dovecote, built in 1706 to provide meat and eggs for the Manor as the pond was created in 1700 to provide fish.

And we’ve decided to take our destiny into our own hands and build the pond’s own website which will be under our own direct control. This will open up a new and exciting channel for more immediate two way communication with those already interested in the pond and hopefully for attracting wider interest in it, and maybe even encouraging new members to join the Friends of the Biddenham Village Pond.

The internet is of ever increasing importance as a source of information, particularly for the younger generations who are growing up with it as a fact and a way of life. With that in mind, we are planning to include a “Children’s corner” on the website which we hope the village schools and our village children might find interesting and also a helpful resource for environmental and wildlife projects.

This extends to a very different sort of ‘area’, beyond the physical pond site itself, one of our objectives, which is ‘providing an area available to educational and other organisations and to individuals for encouraging the study and preservation of the environment, particularly amongst the younger members of the community’.

Our own website will put the village pond and the Friends firmly out there in the big information world and much more accessible to everyone.

And it’s fun putting it together! A big thank you to Ron Bessey from Biddenham Gardeners for his advice and help as we develop our site.

We’ll keep you in touch and let you know in due course when the new board will be installed and when the website will be open for business. We hope you will like them and use them.

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